Established in 2016 and headquartered in The Netherlands, taxology is a sophisticated provider of tax solutions for institutional investors, with a strong focus on automation technology.

Founded on the conviction and firsthand experience that institutional investors lack true automation solutions for routine tax processes, taxology launched its first solution “protocol” in 2017. Protocol optimizes and automates global withholding tax recovery for portfolio investments. Since its launch in 2017, taxology has recovered millions in additional withholding tax for its clients, using protocol.

In late 2019, Taxology started the development of its second solution “stream”. Stream stands for State Tax Notice Response Automation. It standardizes and automates responses to the plethora of US state tax notices that investors receive in relation to their investments that trigger “effectively connected income”.

We automate and service your tax routine so you can focus on what really matters.


Automated withholding tax recovery

"Protocol" is a cloud-based software platform that automates global withholding tax recovery for institutional investors’ portfolio investments. Protocol verifies and confirms what withholding tax recovery has already been applied (for example by the custodian) and reclaims all withholding tax that was left unclaimed (effectively benchmarking the custodian’s performance).

Unlike other withholding tax recovery solutions, protocol truly automates the entire withholding tax recovery process, from raw data collection, and validation, to identification of (additional) recovery entitlements, all the way through to processing and filing of all reclaim documentation required by the reclaim country.

Higher WHT recovery
Reduced cost per claim
Automatic data validation
In control
Real time reporting